18 October 2010

Interview with Rose Datoc Dall on Today'smama.com

Today, Emily King recently interviewed me for TodaysMama.com. The post ran today. Just in case any of you want to check out the post, click here. Emily asked me all kinds of questions about being a mom and an artist.

03 October 2010

New Small Piece: "Clarion Call"

Here is a small piece I just finished for the SVU Fundraising Gala entitled "Clarion Call," oil on canvas, 20" x 30."

Of course, I dithered on the title for a while. "Moroni" was the obvious choice, but I thought another title, "I saw another angel fly," might be more in tune with the inspiration for the piece, but my husband thought that was too wordy for a title. So I settled for "Clarion Call" because it needs to communicate the heralding of this last dispensation. If anyone has a vote on a better title, PLEASE DO COMMENT.