18 November 2009

Artwork featured on Mormon Artist Magazine Online, November 13, Issue 7

Painting "Flight" featured under Upcoming Artists on Mormon Artist Magazine Online
Issue 7, Nov 13, 2009





Rachel said...

What a luminous painting - congratulations! We corresponded a few years ago and I was hoping to be in touch again. I just emailed you and I'm hoping that the address is still active.
It's wonderful to see your work! Thank you,

Forward With Fun and Faith said...

Rose! I just got my Dec. Ensign and thought "that has to be Sister Dall's work"..and sure enough it was! You have always been an inspiration to me in my early years in the Ashburn ward. I love that I can continue to be inspired by you all these years later!
Courtney Rowe Barker =0)

rosedatocdall said...

Thank you, Courtney for your sweet comments! Hope you are doing well, miss married woman! Where are located these days?


rosedatocdall said...

Hello Rachel,

Thank you so much for commenting. I did receive you email and will respond there as well. I would love to meet with you sometime and discuss a purchase. Thank you again for the remarks!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


sally jo said...

When our Ensign came, I wept. I was so moved by this sensitive painting. I have gone back to it numerous times and feel something fresh each time. The purity of the white; even in the lowly animal, one of Heavenly Father's creations, called to the task of assisting in the flight. The look of urgency and commitment on Joseph's young face. Mary holding the child close and she and the child looking forward to what lies ahead. The protecting arms of Heaven encircling them in their flowing white robes. The hard, rocky, difficult path they must follow. It has touched me in a deep and spiritual way and I offer my gratitude.
It may be my best gift of the season.
Is it possible to secure a copy for our home?
Fondly, Sally Jo

rosedatocdall said...

Dear Sally Jo,

Wow, thank you for your very kind comments. I can never anticipate others' reaction to the painting and so I am deeply touched by your response.

In fact you hit on so many points I was trying to convey, the whiteness of their drapery, including the white donkey was symbolic of the Temple and the family. This painting is very much a tribute to Joseph, protector and patriarch resolute and determined in his sacred stewardship. I wanted to create a protective cocoon around the Savior with Mary's veil. I painted this subject from my eyes, a mother's eyes. It ultimately is a more personal interpretation of the subject, about the sacred role of parents who have the right to inspiration to do what it takes to protect their children from danger. Having felt that urgency with my own children, my teenagers in particular, those experiences provided the fuel and the fire for the subject matter.

I knew the path to Egypt had to have been a difficult one, leaving so suddenly to whatever awaited them, on foot and on donkey no less, a slow cumbersome journey at best. Although reading between the lines, I could only guess at the stumbling blocks the adversary tried to put in their path, hence the rocky terrain. In that regard it is so much like our own journey.

Regarding prints, I am in the process of running proofs of giclee prints with different professional giclee printers, so when they become available, I will try and post it on my blog. Unfortunately, they will not be ready for Christmas this year, I am sad to say.

FYI, at some point in the future too, the Museum of Church History and Art had planned on printing them and making them available at the Museum store, but I do not know when they will be available there. You can feel free to call them to inquire.

Again thank you for your comments, which warmed and awed me. Have a blessed Christmas!

Best regards,
Rose Datoc Dall

geswinson said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful work of art with the world. This painting is precious to me. I cannot wait to have one in my home.

rosedatocdall said...

Thank you, Geneva, for your very kind comment. I will post information on my blog as the prints become available. Thank you so much for your interest.

Rose Datoc Dall

Tara said...

I would love to learn more about purchasing a print of Flight. I love that painting and so does my husband. We saw it at the 8th International art competition. I look forward to your response.
Thank you,
Tara Nelson

rosedatocdall said...

Thank you Tara for your comments and your interest in the painting of "Flight". It always surprises me when perfect strangers show an interest in my work. I am literally in the proofing stages with a company called FOV Editions out in Utah who will make giclee prints available online and at other venues as well. Stay tuned and I will post this information on my blog when it is available. Again, thank yo for your interest.

Rose Datoc Dall