16 December 2011

NEW VIDEO- From Drawing Studies to Finished Paintings: "The Early Life of the Savior, a Mother's Perspective"

In this video, see a progression of my conceptual drawings which led to the finished paintings in my ongoing series "the Early Years of the Savior, a Mothers Perspective," of which the drawings began over 20 years ago (about 1988), although I did not begin painting the images in earnest until about 2003, slow that they may have been to completion (being a busy full-time mom of four children, painting was sporadic at best when the kids were younger). The series has been "cooking" for so long, so to speak, and has had such resonance in my life as a mother that images still keep coming and I well may continue to produce images in the series for the rest of my life. Special thanks go to my talented nephew, Adam Augustine for composing the music for this video short, to Jessica Siswick for helping with the editing and to the models which have featured in my paintings over the years: Raquel Machado Ward, David Sturdevant, Jack Faradjian and Sam Larsen. Click on the video above.

14 December 2011

NEW VIDEO- Rose Datoc Dall Paints "Hope of Israel"

See a new video documenting me painting "Hope of Israel" from start to finish. Again, this image is from the series, "The Early Years of the Savior, a Mother's Perspective." Special thanks go to Jess Siswick for filming and editing and to cellist Steven Sharp Nelson for granting the use his beautiful music for the video! It is up on the new Youtube Channel "RoseDatocDall's Channel." More is coming soon too! Click on the video above.

13 December 2011

Dec 17th & Dec 21st "Lunch & Learn" with Rose Datoc Dall @ Deseret Book

Come visit me during a "Lunch & Learn" artist signing and painting demo at Deseret Book on Dec 17th in SLC & Dec 21st in Orem! Come buy an original or a print & have it signed. I my friend and  artist Jonathan Linton on Dec 21st in Orem, double the reason to come! See below for details.

Come see these newest originals:
oil on canvas
20" x 30"

oil on canvas
12" x 24"

"Lunch & Learn" with ROSE DATOC DALL
11:30 am - 4:00 pm
Deseret Book- Flagship Store, downtown SLC
45 W South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


4:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Deseret Book- University Village (at University Mall)
1076 S 750 E

Orem, UT 84097

07 December 2011

Giclée prints of CREATION OF EVE now available!

I have been getting so many requests for me to make this image available in print. Well, the day has arrived! Fine art giclée prints of CREATION OF EVE are now available! Orders for Christmas delivery need to be ordered before Dec 15th. Anything after that pushes into January. It is available here on my blog before I have it up on my site so you bloggers are getting an early stab at making a special order.

giclée print on paper @ 8" x 8" $28.80
giclée print on paper @ 11" x 11" $54.45
giclée print on paper @ 14" x 14" $88.20
giclée print on paper @ 18" x 18" $145.80
giclée print on CANVAS @ 11" x 11" $60.50
giclée printt on CANVAS @ 14" x 14" $98.00
giclée print on CANVAS @ 18" x 18" $162.00
giclée print on CANVAS @ 24" X 24"  $288.00
*giclée print on CANVAS @ 36" X 36" SIGNED LTD ED (100/edition) $972.00

*corrected size & price

Just email me at rose@rosedatocdall.com, indicate the size print on paper or canvas you want, your shipping address and phone, and then I will email you a Paypal invoice with a link and payment can be made online via credit card or Paypal.

11 April 2011

Flight into Egypt (or Flight II) is SOLD, to hang in the Guest Home for Stockholm Sweden Temple Patrons

A correction and amended post: The original of Flight into Egypt (also known as Flight II) has been to sold by the Flagship Deseret Book on Temple Square to hang  in the Guest Home for the Stockholm Sweden patrons traveling to the Temple, (not in the Temple proper itself). It will remain in the Guest Home as its permanent home. It's buyer was not from the Temple Presidency. Just setting the record straight.

I am posing with Raquel Machado Ward, the model for Mary, in front of the painting Flight into Egypt (Flight II) at the Flagship Deseret Book on Temple Square, March 26, 2011.

This was a new experience for me, the first time consigning an original to Deseret Book. The client then requested that the painting be removed from the stretcher and rolled for transport on a plane to Sweden where it will be reframed. Luckily, Deseret Book handled all the details on that end.

Being the guest artist at Deseret Book's Lunch and Learn was such a positive experience, making lots of print sales and making my goal to sell at least one original (the other original I brought out is Five That Were Wise), that I am looking forward to returning in August 2011 for a similar guest appearance.

The funny tidbit behind this painting is that even though it is named Flight II, it was really the first attempt at the subject matter, while the second attempt (square version) just entitled Flight, which is the more recognizable version, is the one entered into to the last International Church Art Competition and the one to receive the Purchase Award and is now owned by the Museum of Church History and Art. I really had not intended on showing this piece very seriously anywhere.

But I guess that for some reason, something about the theme perhaps has resonance with its viewers, which I think is in no small part due to a wonderful model, Raquel Machado Ward who makes an engaging Mary whose face draws in the viewer. She is Brazilian, actually, but has a great ethnic look, which is why I selected her. She has been my model for Mary for at least 10 years.

02 April 2011


Rose Datoc Dall paints "Mary Pondereth"- "LUNCH & LEARN" Painting Demo at Deseret Book, March 2011

In this 8 minute video short that we filmed, I managed to paint a portrait study of "Mary" nearly from start to finish in one afternoon during a painting demo with a live model from my "Lunch & Learn" Artist Signing Event at Deseret Book on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, March 26, 2011. Watch it emerge. Special thanks go to Jordan Augustine who filmed the video and to David Tolk who gave us permission to use his music of "All Creatures of our God and King."


These ORIGINAL PAINTINGS are now for sale for a limited time at the Flagship Deseret Bookstore on Temple Square 45 S West Temple in Salt Lake City!

Flight into Egypt (Flight II)
oil on canvas
24" x 48"

Five That Were Wise
oil on panel
approx 60" x 40" framed

11 March 2011

People's Choice Award for "Five That Were Wise"

To my pleasant surprise, after a tally of visitors' votes, "Five That Were Wise" won a People's Choice Award in the Fulfill the Vision Fine Art Exhibition at the Washington DC Temple Visitors Center. The show runs from Jan 29th through March 26th.  I just got word yesterday! 

01 March 2011

Come see Rose at the Deseret Book Flagship Store on Temple Square, "Lunch & Learn" Series, March 25th & 26th

Anyone who is in SLC at the end of March, feel free to drop on by the Deseret Book Flagship Store on Temple Square on the following days below. I will be the visiting artist for the Friday "LUNCH & LEARN" series. Some of my originals and prints will be for sale. Come chat with me, or watch me paint in this informal setting, purchase a signed print, or purchase an original painting:

  • FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 11 am - 1:30 pm
  • SATURDAY MARCH 26, 4 pm - 9 pm (an additional Saturday appearance both before and after the General YW Broadcast)

Deseret Book Flagship Store
45 W South Temple
Salt Lake, UT 84101

If you happen to be attending any Leadership Training, or attending the General YW Broadcast, all the more reason to drop on into the store!

"Fulfill the Vision" Fine Art Exhibition at the DC Temple write up on Meridian MAgazine

There is a new write up today on Meridian Magazine about the "Fulfill the Vision Fine Art Exhibition" at the Washington DC Temple. The show opened Jan 29th and runs through March 27th. Check out the link to see the article along with images and artist interviews.

I entered three of the following pieces in the show, Weathering Autumn, White Apple Gatherer and Five That Were Wise. I just completed my newest piece in time for the show, Weathering Autumn, from my Adam & Eve series.

Weathering Autumn, oil on canvas, 2011

White Apple Gatherer, oil on canvas, 2010

"Five That Were Wise," oil on panel, 2009

I might add that I set myself up for a challenge with an arched format on Weathering Autumn, having thus to custom build a frame for the piece in the short space of a week. Although more simple in principle (grim laughter here) than building the frame for Five that Were Wise, I had to reacquaint myself with the workings of a router, plus learn so new tricks in a big hurry. The frame was a beast about 60" x 48" (36" x 48" artwork size), having to build it outside over the course of a week on some of the coldest days in January (it was too big to maneuver in my workshop space), the learning curve (you can troubleshoot a lot by watching youtube carpentry videos) and the cold slowing me down a bit, but it was well worth it. I now know how to build arched frames, plus have the tools to build it. Would I venture in this enterprise again soon? Not until I sufficiently recover from the memory and upheaval of that process and remove the permanent chill from my bones, but it is a bit like having children; in the pain of the moment you wonder who in their right mind would willingly go through it more than once, and then you find yourself having more (total of 4 kids in my case). Ah, what we do for art...