23 May 2013

Exhibition Trailer for artist Rose Datoc Dall

Here is the Video Trailer of my art exhibition, "Jesus Once Was a Little Child": Images from the Early Years of the Savior at the Washington, DC Temple Visitors Center from June 15 thru Oct 31st.

There will also be a "Why I Believe" Fireside to kick-off the exhibition on Sunday, June 16th at the Washington DC Temple Visitors Center. I will be talking about my experience painting the series.

This is a rare opportunity to see in one place paintings from 10 years of work in this series, and one which I have been drawing for over 20 years. Displayed will be paintings from collectors of my work, from the Museum of Church History and Art's collection as well as new works in the series totaling over 20 pieces. There will also be a video documentary about the series at the exhibition so please come and enjoy if you are in town! 


Freja said...

Your work is truly wonderful and inspiring! I'd love to fill my home with your paintings! Well done :)
(Would love your work to be showcased in Australia!)

Rose Dall said...

Thank you, Freja! You are too kind. One day I would really love to come to Australia. :)

seedpod said...

I recently moved to VA and saw you exhibition at the temple visitors center yesterday. I would have stayed and absorbed it all for hours, but had my 6 kids in tow and my littlest ones were doing somersaults on the benches. We had to leave. As I've perused your blog today I discovered you live in Virginia. I am so sad I missed your workshop at SVU earlier this summer. I would be interested to find out about your teaching schedule and private lessons. I have a BFA in Fine Art from Utah State and now that may little baby stage of life is over I'm feeling such a pull to be an artist again.

rosedatocdall said...
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rosedatocdall said...

Dear seedpod, thanks so much for your kind comment. I apologize for the late reply. I really need to check my blog more often. Again, thank you for contacting me. Where in VA do you live? I will be teaching that same workshop next summer at SVU if you are interested. I will try and post updates here as well as on my FB page, www.facebook.com/rosedatocdallstudio and on www.instagram.com/rosedatocdall and on www.twitter.com/rosedatocdall. You can also feel free to email me at rose@rosedatocdall.com or comment on FB or on Instagram or even on twitter. I am a little bit better at checking those forums. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I hope to be in touch soon.~ Rose