23 February 2010

Alla Prima Oil Study of Live Model, "Alex"

This is an oil study done from a live model, Alex. It is an exercise in "alla prima" painting, in other words, completing a painting from a live session, roughly 3-4 hours. I did take it home and do some touch-ups, but it is mostly "all prima."


Anonymous said...

Wow thats so life like. BTW who is Alex?

rosedatocdall said...

Alex, our live model, is the daughter of a photographer friend. My artist friend, Jonathan Linton arranged to have her come in and model, and and I joined him in his in studio, both of us with the intent of just practicing our "alla prima painting" (completing one painting in one live session) skills. Actually, I took it home and tweeked it a little bit, so it was not completely alla prima, but I had I had fun painting it. Thank you for the very kind comment!

Rose Datoc Dall