23 February 2010

Study of Mary for "Mary with Boy Christ"

This image above is a drawing study done back in 2008, although the idea for this painting of "Mary with Boy Christ"has been banging around my head since 1988. I have since revisited the concept again and below is the current oil study, done Feb 2010. I hope to retain some of its looseness in the final painting.
The oil study above is of Raquel Machado as Mary, my perennial Mary model. Although Raquel lives in Utah and since I in Virginia, this oil study is based on a lifelike clay maquette, 50% human scale of Raquel. I use maquettes in many these serial paintings with the same figure. The maquette has captured my model of Raquel in time, when I first had her model for me 8 years ago. I was rather happy with the immediacy and fluidity of the image above.


andrea said...

We found your blog and were so excited and impressed with your work. The Ensign cover is beautiful. Congratulations. Rich said to say hello from the Crowleys

rosedatocdall said...

Thanks, Andrea and Rich, for the very kind comment! I hope you and your family are doing well!


Elaine said...

Wow... Extremely beautiful!!

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Anonymous said...

Mary looks so peacful as if she is pondering. :) A ++++++++++ etc for infinity!!!!!
Art Fan