03 October 2010

New Small Piece: "Clarion Call"

Here is a small piece I just finished for the SVU Fundraising Gala entitled "Clarion Call," oil on canvas, 20" x 30."

Of course, I dithered on the title for a while. "Moroni" was the obvious choice, but I thought another title, "I saw another angel fly," might be more in tune with the inspiration for the piece, but my husband thought that was too wordy for a title. So I settled for "Clarion Call" because it needs to communicate the heralding of this last dispensation. If anyone has a vote on a better title, PLEASE DO COMMENT.


Anonymous said...

I think that the title "Clarion Call" is good. A clarion call is a special kind of appeal. In this case, the angel is appealing to the best in all of us; calling to us to repent and come home.

I can only hope my writing is as beautiful as your painting. Please feel free to visit my blog and form your own opinion

kimg said...

i love the title and the painting!

Tasha said...

I love this piece! I love the clouds, the lighting, and the less-common angle. Thank you for your beautiful work!

Decker Family said...

You have titled your piece well. I love the colors in the robe. Beautiful!

lyric said...

lovely work. the graphic linear quality - the great glowing color in the robes. great title too.

thanks for sharing your work!

Anonymous said...

That Title Realy Fits that painting. I love Moroni!
Art Fan

Arlene Siagian said...

Dear Ms. Dall,

Your artwork is really really good! May I use this image in our college yearbook? Please email me if possible: absiagi@hkac.edu