18 October 2010

Interview with Rose Datoc Dall on Today'smama.com

Today, Emily King recently interviewed me for TodaysMama.com. The post ran today. Just in case any of you want to check out the post, click here. Emily asked me all kinds of questions about being a mom and an artist.


Anonymous said...

Thats Such a cute picture.
Art Fan

Jess said...

I love this painting! It's so cute and shows the bond between mother and son.

Define Heather said...

Do you sale prints of your paintings? I love your style.

rosedatocdall said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes, indeed I do sell prints. Go to www.rosedatocdallfineart.com and click on the "giclee print" page. There are a couple of paintings available now in print which you can purchase online and more will be up on the site very soon. Thanks for you inquiry!

Rose Datoc Dall