01 March 2011

"Fulfill the Vision" Fine Art Exhibition at the DC Temple write up on Meridian MAgazine

There is a new write up today on Meridian Magazine about the "Fulfill the Vision Fine Art Exhibition" at the Washington DC Temple. The show opened Jan 29th and runs through March 27th. Check out the link to see the article along with images and artist interviews.

I entered three of the following pieces in the show, Weathering Autumn, White Apple Gatherer and Five That Were Wise. I just completed my newest piece in time for the show, Weathering Autumn, from my Adam & Eve series.

Weathering Autumn, oil on canvas, 2011

White Apple Gatherer, oil on canvas, 2010

"Five That Were Wise," oil on panel, 2009

I might add that I set myself up for a challenge with an arched format on Weathering Autumn, having thus to custom build a frame for the piece in the short space of a week. Although more simple in principle (grim laughter here) than building the frame for Five that Were Wise, I had to reacquaint myself with the workings of a router, plus learn so new tricks in a big hurry. The frame was a beast about 60" x 48" (36" x 48" artwork size), having to build it outside over the course of a week on some of the coldest days in January (it was too big to maneuver in my workshop space), the learning curve (you can troubleshoot a lot by watching youtube carpentry videos) and the cold slowing me down a bit, but it was well worth it. I now know how to build arched frames, plus have the tools to build it. Would I venture in this enterprise again soon? Not until I sufficiently recover from the memory and upheaval of that process and remove the permanent chill from my bones, but it is a bit like having children; in the pain of the moment you wonder who in their right mind would willingly go through it more than once, and then you find yourself having more (total of 4 kids in my case). Ah, what we do for art...

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Anonymous said...

Wow Gr8 Job on the frame I like how it opens up at the top.
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