16 December 2011

NEW VIDEO- From Drawing Studies to Finished Paintings: "The Early Life of the Savior, a Mother's Perspective"

In this video, see a progression of my conceptual drawings which led to the finished paintings in my ongoing series "the Early Years of the Savior, a Mothers Perspective," of which the drawings began over 20 years ago (about 1988), although I did not begin painting the images in earnest until about 2003, slow that they may have been to completion (being a busy full-time mom of four children, painting was sporadic at best when the kids were younger). The series has been "cooking" for so long, so to speak, and has had such resonance in my life as a mother that images still keep coming and I well may continue to produce images in the series for the rest of my life. Special thanks go to my talented nephew, Adam Augustine for composing the music for this video short, to Jessica Siswick for helping with the editing and to the models which have featured in my paintings over the years: Raquel Machado Ward, David Sturdevant, Jack Faradjian and Sam Larsen. Click on the video above.

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bryansgyrl said...

Beautifully done, both the artwork and the video. Thank you for sharing it.