14 December 2011

NEW VIDEO- Rose Datoc Dall Paints "Hope of Israel"

See a new video documenting me painting "Hope of Israel" from start to finish. Again, this image is from the series, "The Early Years of the Savior, a Mother's Perspective." Special thanks go to Jess Siswick for filming and editing and to cellist Steven Sharp Nelson for granting the use his beautiful music for the video! It is up on the new Youtube Channel "RoseDatocDall's Channel." More is coming soon too! Click on the video above.


Kara Jones said...

wow, my tear ducts lost their strength watching this, and the cello/piano ensemble just makes my heart pound watching this talented process. Thank you so much for sharing.

Kara Jones said...

My tear ducts could not compete with the cello & piano, and my heart was pounding watching such a talented process unfold, Thank you for sharing your work and the title is PERFECT! (Hope of Israel).

CurlyQ and Farmer Boy said...

I enjoy looking at your work. I'm curious as to how you got started. I'm an aspiring oil painter nearing the end of my college education. I am seriously in love with your series and your studies. One day, I hope to paint church scenes very similar to the ones you have so graciously portrayed. How did you gain the talent of painting figures from the scriptures? Where did you start? Do you have any advice? --Jessica W. Please email me at art.luver62@gmail.com

rosedatocdall said...

Dear all,

Thank you for your very kind comments. I am touched by all of your remarks. And Jessica W., I sent you an email with a much more detailed answer to your question. Thank you all again. There are days when I sometimes wonder if I should keep painting, if it really matters and then I read commentary like yours and remember that it is never about me. So thank you all!